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  1. Not changing Oil In a Timely Manner

Engine oil and car engine technology has improved so much in recent times that you don’t need to change it as frequently as you would have to 10-15 years ago. But  this should not mean you can skip your vehicle’s oil change completely.

Your car’s engine needs the oil to run properly. Not changing the oil in a timely manner means the engine can seize up and die.

Getting the motor oil changed at recommended intervals will prolong its life.

  1. Not changing your Windscreen Wipers

Naturally the windscreen wiper blades perish over months. When they degrade, the wipers chatter, tear and, as a result, do not clear your windscreen as cleanly.

Not replacing your wiper blades could reduce your ability to see the road, other vehicles and pedestrians clearly. Needless to say this can have fatal consequences.

Replacing wiper blades is probably one of the easiest maintenance tasks that you can undertake yourself. So don’t neglect to change the your wipers.

  1. Not Checking your Tyre Pressure

It is very common to forget checking your tyre pressure. Even when the tyres look sufficiently inflated, they may not be. Not having the right level of air pressure may lead to irregular tyre wear and this may ultimately lead to accidents.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it would be a good idea to check your tyre pressure at regular intervals.

  1. Servicing your Car without the Proper Knowledge

Nowadays, the cars are a lot more computerised. And almost every part of the car has several sensors regulating a number of different things from fuel injectors to spark plugs. As a result, carrying out more complicated maintenance tasks require specialised tools and knowledge.

Attempting to carry out maintenance tasks or repairs without the right know-how and equipment could not only damage your car but also put you in danger as well.

Getting your car serviced by the professionals may be slightly more costly but it will give you the assurance that it will get serviced and repaired accurately.

For your car servicing in Reading, Ascot, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas of Berkshire, please contact NVS. Our Technicians have all been “Main Dealer” trained to the highest Standard (strict NVS policy). This gives you a Main Dealer Technician for your specific vehicle make.