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Vehicle servicing 101

The mechanical condition of a car dictates its performance on the road. In order to guarantee a smooth ride and prolong the life of a car, the owner should always organise regular servicing. The main reason why this procedure is required is to ensure that any mechanical anomalies can be spotted and rectified before they can cause harm. Residents of Reading and the surrounding areas have a wide range of options to choose from for their car servicing in Reading.

The routine maintenance is a small price to pay to guarantee one’s safety on the roads. So what are the benefits of acquiring this service?

  • Reduces repair costs – maintenance procedures are preventative in nature and this means that it is a good way of avoiding major repair bills as a result of oversight.
  • Reduces the chances of getting surprise breakdowns
  • Regular car services will lower the possible risk of getting involved in an accident
  • Servicing involves various procedures that guarantee better fuel consumption. In essence it is cheaper to run a car that regularly goes for servicing

There are several kinds of servicing available in Wokingham and they include the following:

6 month or interim car service 

This is a procedure that is intended for those individuals who cover a lot of mileage over short periods, or the vehicles which require frequent checks. This means that the car will require more regular checks to avoid unforeseen faults. Some of the work includes filter and oil changes as well as a comprehensive diagnostic check for all essential functions.

12 month or comprehensive car service

This is an all inclusive check-up that should be mandatory for all cars that are used on a regular basis. Most service providers do no less than 70 checks as well as some necessary adjustments. Replacement of worn out components is also done where necessary. The procedure includes Spark plug and air filter replacement among other processes.

Winter Inspection

Ensure that your car is ready to withstand winter conditions by getting a specialised check. Winter safety checks should be a mandatory practice for all car owners.

Bracknell, Maidenhead, Reading, Ascot and Wokingham residents and those from surrounding areas can use the NVS onsite services for their car servicing in Reading.

Car Vibrations at High Speed

If your car is vibrating, this could be due to several factors depending on whether it is happening while it you are braking or accelerating. The vibrations could be a sign of a big problem with your vehicle. Some causes of the vibrations are obvious, while some are difficult to identify. For that reason, you need professional help to identify the cause of the vibrations and possible solutions as early as possible.

What are the causes for car vibrations at high speed? 

  1. Tyre Problems

Unaligned tyres typically cause car vibrations at high speeds. These tend to happen usually between 50 to 75 mph depending on the car. They often indicate a misalignment with your tyres; generally front but sometimes rear ones as well. Tyre balancing is a bit different from wheel alignment. Wheel alignment refers to the angle at which the wheels hit or make contact with the road.  Uneven wear on the tyres from broken belts will cause the car to vibrate as well.

  1. Brakes

When you step on the brakes and the car vibrates, you should know straight away that this is the main cause and have the problem fixed fast. Warped brakes could be the main issue and this problem can be resolved when you take the vehicle for car servicing in Reading. Failure by the pads and callipers to get adequate grip when stepping on the brakes causes the warping. Failure to resolve warping will in turn make the car to develop the annoying vibrations.

  1. Worn Parts

The car has several components that suffer the effects of wear and tear with time. Some of these parts include tie rod ends, ball joints, upper strut bearings, shocks and struts. Once you notice that the aforementioned parts have fallen victim to wear and tear, choose to either replace or repair them. A DIY approach will not be a good idea for somebody who has never replaced any of the parts in the past, hence the importance of taking it for professional car servicing in Reading.

  1. Exhaust Resonance

Changing the tailpipe or muffler in the exhaust system could cause resonance. When a bent pipe gets in contact with the chassis, expect resonance to develop. Removing all original tuning weights will also cause resonance. Missing all original tuning weights will also cause resonance, which would be responsible for any car vibrations that you experience when driving the car at high speeds.

For further advice on car maintenance and servicing, please contact us at NVS. We are experts in car servicing in Surrey, Reading, Bracknell, Ascot and surrounding areas of Berkshire.

4 common car maintenance mistakes

  1. Not changing Oil In a Timely Manner

Engine oil and car engine technology has improved so much in recent times that you don’t need to change it as frequently as you would have to 10-15 years ago. But  this should not mean you can skip your vehicle’s oil change completely.

Your car’s engine needs the oil to run properly. Not changing the oil in a timely manner means the engine can seize up and die.

Getting the motor oil changed at recommended intervals will prolong its life.

  1. Not changing your Windscreen Wipers

Naturally the windscreen wiper blades perish over months. When they degrade, the wipers chatter, tear and, as a result, do not clear your windscreen as cleanly.

Not replacing your wiper blades could reduce your ability to see the road, other vehicles and pedestrians clearly. Needless to say this can have fatal consequences.

Replacing wiper blades is probably one of the easiest maintenance tasks that you can undertake yourself. So don’t neglect to change the your wipers.

  1. Not Checking your Tyre Pressure

It is very common to forget checking your tyre pressure. Even when the tyres look sufficiently inflated, they may not be. Not having the right level of air pressure may lead to irregular tyre wear and this may ultimately lead to accidents.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it would be a good idea to check your tyre pressure at regular intervals.

  1. Servicing your Car without the Proper Knowledge

Nowadays, the cars are a lot more computerised. And almost every part of the car has several sensors regulating a number of different things from fuel injectors to spark plugs. As a result, carrying out more complicated maintenance tasks require specialised tools and knowledge.

Attempting to carry out maintenance tasks or repairs without the right know-how and equipment could not only damage your car but also put you in danger as well.

Getting your car serviced by the professionals may be slightly more costly but it will give you the assurance that it will get serviced and repaired accurately.

For your car servicing in Reading, Ascot, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas of Berkshire, please contact NVS. Our Technicians have all been “Main Dealer” trained to the highest Standard (strict NVS policy). This gives you a Main Dealer Technician for your specific vehicle make.