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Land Rover and Range Rover servicing

Land Rover produces a range of luxury to rival BMW X5s and Audi Q5 and Q7s.

Whether you own a Range Rover, Defender, Freelander or Discovery, your Land Rover needs regular maintenance. Neglecting the Land Rover servicing needs may end up costing you with expensive repairs.

Get information on your Maintenance

Each time you need any type of Land Rover maintenance, look for the list of services to be carried out on the car. Get opinionated about the products used to do each of the services. The products should include brand names, specifications and other identifying information. Put the Land Rover maintenance records in the glove box or another safe and clean place. If there is a problem with the Land Rover, you will be glad to have these types of records at your fingertips.

If in doubt, ask your mechanic. Any trusted car servicing company should be able to provide you with all the details.

Get References before Work Begins

Find out the reputation of the car servicing company and its mechanics before agreeing to have repair or maintenance work performed on your Land Rover. Get references. Ask questions from friends and professional colleagues about which shop and mechanics they entrusted their Land Rover maintenance to.

At NVS, we are proud to have technicians who are main dealer trained and they have all been an MoT inspector as Company Policy. And, we would gladly provide references of our long-term customers as well.

Regular Tune-Ups

Regular tune-ups are an important part of your Land Rover maintenance. Schedule these at set time intervals between performances of maintenance. Mileage can vary and is not always the best indicator when a tune-up is needed

Land Rover Maintenance in the South and South East

Following these tips along with those provided in your Land Rover Owner’s manual will make sure that your Land Rover continues to run like new.

If you are after a trusted company for your Land Rover servicing in Berkshire, Surrey and the rest of South East, then please consider us. We are friendly, prompt, and offer fair prices.

Jaguar servicing

At NVS, our simple advice to all the Jaguar owners is the common sense along with regular servicing and maintenance is the best way to take care of your car. We have collated some of the most frequently asked questions in the form of some helpful tips to help you keep your Jaguar in the finest possible condition.

Look after your tyres

Check your tyres monthly and make sure that they are pumped up to the spec. Also look out for the signs of wear and tear. Uneven wear on the tyres usually points to the need that you should have the Jaguar’s tyres balanced and aligned. Avoid roads with pot holes and speed bumps where possible.

Parking Tips

Protect your Jaguar’s doors from unsightly door dings by parking a good distance away from building doors, other cars and away from shopping trolley return spaces where possible. If you are in a hurry and park too close to these hazards, you may find a fresh ding in your car when you return to it.

Winterise Your Jaguar

In the late spring or early autumn months, have your Jaguar winterised by our expert mechanics. By carrying out some adjustments, we can reduce the wear on the engine during the colder autumn and winter months. Additionally, we can change and top up the fluids at the end of winter before warmer spring and summer weather temperatures start. This type of straight forward maintenance will keep your pride-and-joy operating under optimum mechanical conditions.

Tips to Reduce Mechanical Problems

First of all, only trust expert mechanics, such as NVS, to carry out service and maintenance on your Jag. Do not put your Jaguar in the hands of someone who does not fully understand the mechanics and special needs of this car. Your Jaguar maintenance should only be performed by people specially trained with the skills and knowledge to give your car expert attention and care.

Please contact NVS for your Jaguar servicing in Surrey, Berkshire and the surrounding areas of the South East of England.

Audi Servicing in South of England

Audi manages to produce reliable, comfortable and safe cars with punchy performance year after year; from the A1 range all the way up to RS range.

Why is servicing important?

Whether you own a TT, A4 estate or an A6, getting it regularly serviced and repaired is the best way to make sure that your Audi keeps performing at its peak level of performance. It is also the best way to keep your Audi delivering all the power and passion you love.

Maintaining a full service history is also the best way to help protect the second hand price of your vehicle and your investment.

How often should an Audi be serviced?

There are several different levels of Audi servicing. However, if you tell us the mileage and age of your Audi, we can, then, we can determine which Audi servicing programme would be best suited for your Audi and we can let you know exactly which type of service your vehicle requires. For example, if your vehicle is regularly driven with uneconomical driving styles (i.e. heavy acceleration and braking, constant use of high revs), then it may require more regular servicing intervals,.

If you are looking for expert Audi servicing in Berkshire and out areas of South England, then please contact us and we’ll visit you at your home or work place to service your car to a very high standard.