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Why NVS Is The First Choice Of Customers

As part of our car servicing in Surrey, Berkshire and the surrounding areas, we make sure that

  • the engine is running smoothly,
  • the brakes are not too worn,
  • the tyres are not too worn and they are inflated correctly,
  • the oil filters are changed regularly

amongst other things.

When we have checked out everything and carried out the appropriate adjustments, then the engine will run efficiently. As a result, there will be fewer problems and the fuel consumption will be better, which is, of course, good for the environment as well.

Regular servicing is also important for the warranty as we have seen several cases of engine failures and transmission failures where because the vehicles were not serviced quite on time so the warranty payments were declined.

A number of customers have come to us as they wanted their vehicle servicing to be carried out by people who were recommended to them. It has been very important that they had confidence in the people who would be servicing their car and that they trusted trust the mechanics.

We have a lot of long-term customers as they like our mechanics who’s working on their car to speak to them before the service is carried out. Our customers appreciate that they can ask our mechanics if there are any problems with the car and discuss things openly.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding knowledge and expertise across a range of cars and vans as well as offering value for money and excellent customer care.

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