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Car Vibrations at High Speed

By car servicing Berkshire, car servicing Surrey Comments Off on Car Vibrations at High Speed

If your car is vibrating, this could be due to several factors depending on whether it is happening while it you are braking or accelerating. The vibrations could be a sign of a big problem with your vehicle. Some causes of the vibrations are obvious, while some are difficult to identify. For that reason, you need professional help to identify the cause of the vibrations and possible solutions as early as possible.

What are the causes for car vibrations at high speed? 

  1. Tyre Problems

Unaligned tyres typically cause car vibrations at high speeds. These tend to happen usually between 50 to 75 mph depending on the car. They often indicate a misalignment with your tyres; generally front but sometimes rear ones as well. Tyre balancing is a bit different from wheel alignment. Wheel alignment refers to the angle at which the wheels hit or make contact with the road.  Uneven wear on the tyres from broken belts will cause the car to vibrate as well.

  1. Brakes

When you step on the brakes and the car vibrates, you should know straight away that this is the main cause and have the problem fixed fast. Warped brakes could be the main issue and this problem can be resolved when you take the vehicle for car servicing in Reading. Failure by the pads and callipers to get adequate grip when stepping on the brakes causes the warping. Failure to resolve warping will in turn make the car to develop the annoying vibrations.

  1. Worn Parts

The car has several components that suffer the effects of wear and tear with time. Some of these parts include tie rod ends, ball joints, upper strut bearings, shocks and struts. Once you notice that the aforementioned parts have fallen victim to wear and tear, choose to either replace or repair them. A DIY approach will not be a good idea for somebody who has never replaced any of the parts in the past, hence the importance of taking it for professional car servicing in Reading.

  1. Exhaust Resonance

Changing the tailpipe or muffler in the exhaust system could cause resonance. When a bent pipe gets in contact with the chassis, expect resonance to develop. Removing all original tuning weights will also cause resonance. Missing all original tuning weights will also cause resonance, which would be responsible for any car vibrations that you experience when driving the car at high speeds.

For further advice on car maintenance and servicing, please contact us at NVS. We are experts in car servicing in Surrey, Reading, Bracknell, Ascot and surrounding areas of Berkshire.

4 common car maintenance mistakes

By car servicing Berkshire, car servicing Surrey Comments Off on 4 common car maintenance mistakes
  1. Not changing Oil In a Timely Manner

Engine oil and car engine technology has improved so much in recent times that you don’t need to change it as frequently as you would have to 10-15 years ago. But  this should not mean you can skip your vehicle’s oil change completely.

Your car’s engine needs the oil to run properly. Not changing the oil in a timely manner means the engine can seize up and die.

Getting the motor oil changed at recommended intervals will prolong its life.

  1. Not changing your Windscreen Wipers

Naturally the windscreen wiper blades perish over months. When they degrade, the wipers chatter, tear and, as a result, do not clear your windscreen as cleanly.

Not replacing your wiper blades could reduce your ability to see the road, other vehicles and pedestrians clearly. Needless to say this can have fatal consequences.

Replacing wiper blades is probably one of the easiest maintenance tasks that you can undertake yourself. So don’t neglect to change the your wipers.

  1. Not Checking your Tyre Pressure

It is very common to forget checking your tyre pressure. Even when the tyres look sufficiently inflated, they may not be. Not having the right level of air pressure may lead to irregular tyre wear and this may ultimately lead to accidents.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it would be a good idea to check your tyre pressure at regular intervals.

  1. Servicing your Car without the Proper Knowledge

Nowadays, the cars are a lot more computerised. And almost every part of the car has several sensors regulating a number of different things from fuel injectors to spark plugs. As a result, carrying out more complicated maintenance tasks require specialised tools and knowledge.

Attempting to carry out maintenance tasks or repairs without the right know-how and equipment could not only damage your car but also put you in danger as well.

Getting your car serviced by the professionals may be slightly more costly but it will give you the assurance that it will get serviced and repaired accurately.

For your car servicing in Reading, Ascot, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas of Berkshire, please contact NVS. Our Technicians have all been “Main Dealer” trained to the highest Standard (strict NVS policy). This gives you a Main Dealer Technician for your specific vehicle make.


Brake Safety

By car servicing Berkshire, car servicing Surrey Comments Off on Brake Safety

When it comes to vehicle safety, the brake system should be at the top of the list. The summer months are the perfect time to get your brakes inspected to ensure your brakes are in good working order before the schools reopen and the cold weather returns.

Brakes are a normal wear item for any vehicle and they eventually will need replacing. For regular maintenance, you need to inspect your vehicle’s brakes at least once every twelve months. A thorough examination usually includes checking the brake lining wear, brake fluid level, condition of hoses and brake lines and the rotor thickness. The inspection also includes a test drive to check for any other potential brake system problems.

If your car is pulling to the right or left, or if you hear odd noises when you apply the brakes, you should get your brakes inspected. Other warning signs may also include a brake warning light on the dash board, squealing as well as vibration.

We know that several factors could affect your car’s brake wear, which include your driving habits, the vehicle type and the quality of the brake lining material amongst a number of other things.

We recommend you do not delay routine brake inspections or any necessary repairs. Doing so can lead to a costly repair bill at the very least; even worse it can have fatal consequences.

For further advice on car servicing in Reading, Bracknell, Ascot and the surrounding areas of Surrey and Berkshire, please contact NVS.

Benefits of Onsite Car Servicing

By car servicing Berkshire, car servicing Surrey Comments Off on Benefits of Onsite Car Servicing

When looking for a reliable car servicing in Reading, Maidenhead or Ascot, what are the main factors that you consider? Of course, there are a number of things that one takes into account, including the reputation of the mechanic, their experience, and their customer service. And when you find a car service provider, it becomes your responsibility to take your car to the service centre for a regular maintenance and services. That is where most car owners get a bit lazy, compromising both the performance and overall life of their vehicle. That’s where the NVS onsite car servicing comes in – the most convenient and customer centric solution in this regard.

The popularity of onsite car servicing has dramatically increased recently. Many car owners now choose to get their vehicle serviced at their doorstep rather than driving all the way to the service centre. The reason is not just one but many benefits of onsite car servicing. Here are just a few big ones to prove our point.

Helps You Save Time

NVS onsite car servicing lets you cross out the ‘trip to mechanic’ from your to-do list. With our expert mechanics reaching you on their own vehicle along with all the tools, you can use the time you save for other errands.

Helps Establish Trust

Car owners are often sceptical about leaving their vehicle at the service centre because they want to keep a watchful eye all the time. With onsite car servicing, you can actually watch the experts taking care of your car properly.

Helps Maintain Schedule

You don’t have to delay your regular car maintenance due to shortage of time or simply because of laziness. One call and the onsite car maintenance team will be there at your door step to make sure your vehicle is in best condition.

When looking for car service in Maidenhead, Reading, Ascot, Bracknell and the surrounding areas of Surrey and Berkshire, make sure you contact NVS onsite car servicing.

Simple Oil Change

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Not all the regular car maintenance is complicated. There are a number of things that you can carry out yourself. Checking your vehicle’s oil level and topping it up is one of these straight forward maintenance tasks you can undertake yourself. More importantly, it will help you extend the life of your car’s engine.

Most of the cars will have warning light or a message to warn you if the oil gets too low but it would still be worth checking it every few months without relying on any warning lights.

Here are some quick steps to guide you through this process:

First of all, you need to make sure that the car has been turned off for at least 5-10 minutes. This will allow all the oil to settle back in the tank, and it will prevent any misreading.

Second of all, you ought to make sure that your vehicle is parked on a level surface. Again, this can lead to a misreading as well.

Remember, having too much oil in the engine can also be harmful.

Thirdly, open your car’s bonnet and locate the dipstick for the oil; ideally when there is sufficient daylight. The dipstick is a long stick that is designed to deep into the car’s engine to check the oil level. It usually has a brightly coloured handle, and it should be very easy to get to. If in doubt, refer to your car’s manual. When you locate it, pull the dipstick out of its tube and wipe the end clean with a cloth, rag or a towel. Re-insert the dipstick slowly into its tube and making sure that it goes all the way in. Now pull it back out and to see if the oil is between the lower and upper marks. Be careful not to turn it upside down to look at it, which could make the oil run upward and ruins your reading.

If the oil between the two marks, you’re good to go. If it’s near the lower mark or below it, you need top up your oil. Keep adding the oil in small quantities so that you are not overfilling it.

This 5-minute job will help you keep your engine healthy.

Please keep in mind that most car maintenance tasks are not as easy as this, and unless you know what you are doing, you may cause yourself and your car some serious damage. For your car servicing in Reading, Bracknell, Ascot, Maidenhead, London and the surrounding areas, please call NVS on 01344 429 149 (50 Mile Radius of Ascot), 01189 783 977 (50 Mile Radius of Reading) or get in touch with our HQ on 0870 850 6651 for the other areas. Alternatively Book Online Here.

How to get the Best Jaguar Servicing in Berkshire

By car servicing Surrey Comments Off on How to get the Best Jaguar Servicing in Berkshire

Jaguar produces some of the highest quality cars on the road. A top-end car such as Jaguar needs proper handling. So it is important to make sure that you choose the very best servicing available to keep your Jaguar in best condition. Especially some of the older models of Jaguars tend to develop some common problems over time if they are not serviced and maintained regularly.

Whether you are driving a classic model such as the XJS convertible or the XJ6, or the more recent models such as the XKR, it is very important to get your Jaguar serviced by somebody with the necessary credentials and track record. So, finding a reliable company, such as NVS, to service and repair such a beautifully designed car is very important.

Our mechanics with years of experience in Jaguar servicing in Surrey can identify any issue very quickly. With NVS, there is no likelihood of servicing or repairing your car by guess work.

At NVS, we can provide a free quote for your vehicle’s maintenance services. And our skilled mechanics will avoid wasting time by using advanced technology to service your Jaguar. If you are searching for a trusted company in London or the Home Counties to look after your treasured Jag, please call us on 0870 850 6651.

Audi Maintenance and Servicing Tips

By car servicing Surrey Comments Off on Audi Maintenance and Servicing Tips

There is nothing as exciting as getting behind the wheels of your Audi car, but in order to keep it running at top performance, your vehicle needs regular repair and maintenance.

If you need tips on how to repair and maintain your Audi, then you have come to the right place.

  • Regular replacement of engine oil

The Audi engine is a high-performance machine designed for reliability, power, economical operation and long service life. These features are reserved for a very long time, but only if regular inspections and replacement of engine oil is observed.

  • Use the right fuel

Always make sure that you use the right fuel on your Audi. It is always advised to use only Audi recommended fuel. By using an approved fuel, you help make sure that your car delivers the performance it was meant to provide. Wrong or low quality fuel can compromise your engine as it can lead to the build-up of deposits in it. As a result, it may lower the engine performance.

  • Tyre maintenance

Always make sure all the tires are properly inflated. Audi vehicles typically come with a tire pressure monitoring system to identify flattened tires. Fully inflated tires provide the best handling ability and fuel economy for your car. It also helps to prolong the life of your car. Furthermore, tyres ought to be inspected for wear and tear occasionally.

  • Brake disc inspection and maintenance

After you wash your car, moisture and water can build-up around the brakes, which can cause rusting over time. Rust within the brakes will cause the damaging of the disc, and as a result, will reduce the brake powder. For this reason, always protect the brake disc from water, particularly if you are using a pressured-water hose.

For Audi servicing in Surrey and Berkshire, please contact NVS on 01344 429 149 or 01189 783 977.